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Friday, January 20, 2012

Good morning everybody, I wanted to work on decorating and making my blog more interesting or at least better looking, since today I don't have yoga class and all my shopping for my granddaughter Valeries birthday party is done. BUT.. I get to do something better and fun...Babysit Torri( my 2year 10month granddaughter)and she is a riot, in a good way. Every time after she leaves my house looks like a windstorm just pass by because everything is out of place but is so much fun playing with her. And she gets to spend the night,yey. I'm going to be dead tire tomorrow. Love always, Elisa


  1. Hi Mesa, AZ.... thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment, AND becoming a follower. I have several AZ bloggy friends and one day perhaps we can all meet up and create for a day. I have 3 gals coming up from Tucson this month for our 5th annual Card camp for 3 days. We met on the Cricut Message Board.

  2. Hi there!! You won the snow day cart from my blog hop. Can you please send me your address so I can get that out to you. Thanks!



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